The Cuckold Experience

You watch me tease with my tongue the cock of the young stranger we've just brought home. You know that I'm doing it for no other reason than to torture you. To torment you. You know that I rarely permit this, rarely do I take any man's cock in mouth. Certainly I would never take YOUR cock into my mouth. It's something you've always wanted me to do and I've never, ever done it for you. By now you know that I never will. You live vicariously then through the cocks of other men. Younger, more attractive men with bigger cocks. With MUCH bigger cocks. As I tease the stranger's cock with my tongue, I tease YOU with my eyes. I'm enjoying this. Enjoying the look on your face. You look a bit like a trod-on spaniel. Your cock, on the other hand, is hard and as big as it ever gets. It stands up under the pink, frilly apron I make you wear, erect and begging. Begging for the attention it will never have. You know that if you're very lucky, if you do all the things required of you, you MAY be allowed to ejaculate this evening. MAY be allowed to stroke your cock while my lover and I watch you. So far you've been a good boy. You drove us home, washed my stud's cock while I changed my clothes and now you're pouring drinks for us while I tease the young man's lovely hard-on. You don't know which you envy the most - the size and hardness of the stranger's cock orthe attention it's receiving. "I think it's time we adjourned to the bedroom" I announce and stalk out of the room leaving my stud and my cuckie-boy to follow.. I know that you're both watching me as I ascend the staircase. I can feel your eyes on my firm, round bottom. The difference is that HE knows he's going to get a taste of my sweet, hot body and YOU know that you never will. Unless, of course, I'm in a particularly good mood and allow you the ultimate treat of cleaning up after my stud's finishing pounding me with his enormous prick.

You follow us into the bedroom and watch with that pathetic look on your face as the young man slips out of the silk robe he's wearing. YOUR silk robe. The one you haven't even worn yet. You sigh, quietly, knowing that the robe's not the only thing of "yours" that he's going to enjoy. He stands by the bed completely naked, obviously enjoying showing off his firm, well-muscled young body.. His cock stands erect and proud - hard and flat against his belly - also hard and flat. "You know what to do, cuckie-boy" I tell you, and you DO know. It's your job to fluff, although this is hardly necessary. You know that it's just part of the cuckold routine and your drop to your knees in front of my stud and take his large cock in your hands. You pause a moment to admire it. You can't help yourself. It's truly magnificent. Hard and beautifully proportioned, it'sthe kind of cock you wish you had. You take it tentatively into your mouth - as much of it as you can, anyway. You can barely open your mouth wide enough to take it in and this young man's impatient. He grips your hair in his fist and crams his cock into your mouth until it hits the back of your throat, gagging you. Your eyes begin to water, your face flushes and you struggle to regain some kind of control and all you can think about is where this cock's going next. Thinking about how it will look, sliding into my hot, wet cunt. Your own cock is hard and throbbing. It's been some time since I've permitted you to come and even longer since I've allowed you to fuck me.

Meanwhile, I'm lying back on the bed, naked now and touching myself. Stroking my bare breasts, tweaking the hard nipples, and running my hands down over my belly to my pussy. Running my fingers through the neatlytrimmed tuft of hair and down to the smooth, shaven lips. I'm already wet.Seeing you kneeling there with your mouth full of cock is so arousing to me. I can't wait to have that cock inside me. It should slide in easily,now that you've lubed it up with your mouth and now that my pussy's so wet,so eager to be filled.

I get on my hands and knees on the bed and open the lips of my cunt wide with my fingertips. You lead the young stud over to the bed and take his cock in your hand, guiding it towards my juicy pussy. You can feel the heat rising from it before you even position the massive cock head at the entrance. You hold your breath as he thrusts forward and buries his enormous dick to the hilt. And so, the cuckold dance, continues...




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