Catherine's Cuckold Fantasy

We arrive at the house. You driving the car with me and the young man in the back seat. Your heart sinks at the thought of what's to come. Yes, your heart sinks but your cock doesn't, does it? Your cock seems quite enthusiastic about the whole thing. About this cuckolding. Even though you've been in this situation so many times before, each time feels as exciting as the first. Because it IS exciting, isn't it? Exciting to see me with whatever man I've chosen for the evening. You knew really, didn't you, that THIS would be the man as soon as you saw him. Just my type really. Younger, much younger, than you and taller, more handsome. I've already had a sample of his cock in the back seat and you know that he's met the requirements. Yes, your heart sinks and your cock hardens at the thought of him fucking me for hours and hours and hours...

The two of us sit in the back of the car and wait for you to come and open the doors for us. It's all part of the cuckold game, the cuckold dance. You open the front door of the house for us and take our coats. It's rather ironic, isn't it, that you can provide me with this beautiful house, all kinds of expensive material possessions and yet the one thing you really WANT to give me eludes you. Well, darling, you always say that you want the best for me and what's best for me this evening is this big, hard cock I've picked out. I show the young man into the living room and leave him in order to "slip into something more comfortable". You cringe at the thought of what that means, but you know what your duty is now. After the hot fumble in the back seat of the car my young stud needs to be cleaned up.

You help him to pull down his pants and fetch a bowl of warm water and a soft washcloth and begin to wash his now flaccid penis. Not flaccid for long though. Your ministrations cause his cock to stir again and you envy this young man's ability to become hard again so soon after emptying his load all over the back seat of your car. I call down from upstairs, "Cuckie-boy - why not get our guest something comfortable to wear, too. What about that robe I brought you for Christmas?" You cringe again at the name - "cuckie-boy". I always call you that in front of "guests" but still it makes you cringe. You fetch the robe I suggested. A very expensive silk robe I bought for you. You haven't even worn it yet and now HE'S going to wear it. You sigh and help him into it. His cock's still semi-hard and pokes through the front of the robe. This is the first time you've had an opportunity to see it properly. Yes, just the kind I like. Long, smooth and thick. It's about nine inches long and thick enough to make your own cock wilt inside your pants. If this is how it looks when it's only partially erect...!

I come back into the room. Now I'm wearing a black lace babydoll with a little thong underneath. From the front my hard nipples show through the fabric and from behind my buttocks curve enticingly below the hem. On my feet I'm wearing black high heeled fluffy mules which show off my long smooth legs to perfection. The young stud's cock immediately shows hisappreciation for the sight and your own prick follows suit - your cock just as hard if not as spectacularly large. "You're not wearing YOUR outfit, cuckie-boy. Go and get changed!" I order you. You know better than to argue and go off to change into the pink frilly apron and maid's cap I like you to wear when we're "entertaining".

When you re-enter the room I'm sitting next to my stud on the couch, casually stroking his cock which is by now fully hard - standing straight up against his equally hard, flat belly. I tell you to pour us some drinks and, while you're doing so, you look over to see me doing something you've never seen me do before. I'm kneeling down in front of the young man, between his hard, muscular thighs. I'm stroking his cock between both hands, caressing, squeezing. Taking his full balls in my cupped palms - almost as if I'm weighing some ripe, exotic fruit. I bend my head and touch the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue. I run my tongue along the entire length of his beautiful penis and around his balls. I turn my head and look at you - a smug sort of smile on my face, my eyes sparkling with mischief. You swallow - hard. I never take a man's cock into my mouth. That's YOUR job. I certainly would never dream of taking YOUR cock into my mouth. Oh you've begged and pleaded in the past. During the early days of our relationship you thought there might be a chance, but those days are long gone. Only in your dreams can you experience the thrill of sliding your cock into my hot, wet mouth. Of course in your dreams you have an entirely different cock and, come to
think of it, different face, different body...



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